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ransponder Car Key Programming

Transponder Programming Liverpool

Transponder programming Liverpool services have become an essential part of the services that we offer thanks to the enhanced security you find in modern cars. Unlike your house door which probably just needs a correctly cut key, the transponder system in your car ensures that you require a little more than an accurately cut key to drive off. This can however be a problem when it’s the owner of the car who needs a new key for their car. Not every locksmith has the equipment necessary to program the transponder in car keys which means you could be left with a key that looks right but just doesn’t work.

To understand how this is possible, you have to have an idea of how transponders work. Transponders are chips embedded in the key of your car. When you try to turn on your car, a signal is sent to the transponder by your car and if your transponder responds with the right code, the car will start. However, if the transponder doesn’t have the right code, the engine will cut off and you won’t be able to move. All this happens quite quickly and that’s probably why many car owners may never realise that they need more than just your run-of-the-mill locksmith when they need a new key for their car.

There are transponder keys that a car owner can reprogram by themselves but when you think about it, a transponder that is that easy to reprogram may not provide your car with the level of security that you need. As far as your car goes, the transponder is the last line of defence. It’s always possible for a person to force a car door open in one way or another if they’re sufficiently motivated. However, getting past the transponder security system, which is electronic, is something that can’t be done using brute force. This is why many cars that are manufactured nowadays require you to go to dealers or very special auto locksmiths when you need a transponder programmed. Going to a dealer will ensure that you get the right quality of work but there is an obvious downside to this. Dealers aren’t known for being cheap. Even the simplest problems can cost you a ridiculous amount of money. The best choice is to go to an auto locksmith that know what they are doing.

That’s where Auto Locksmith Liverpool comes into play. There is no doubt that we understand all there is to know about car keys, locks, transponders and all other related systems. We have invested quite a lot to ensure that our locksmiths have the right tools at their disposal to handle transponder programming even for the newest car models in the market. Our programming is done very accurately to ensure that the key you get is reliable at all times.

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